Beta Program

This program is still in beta and is not guaranteed to be 100% bug-free. It is recommended that you back up your data when editing it with this program. Please report any bug you find to chip_architect AT yahoo DOT com, or in the CC Discord server, after verifying said bug is not already listed in the known issues.


Public Beta

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CCCreator (Beta 2) Released 6/30/21
The standalone executable JAR file


Chip's Challenge Creator requires only Java 8 or higher to run.

It should work on any platform that supports Java. It has been confirmed to work on the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 & 10
  • MacOS X
  • Solaris
  • Haiku


To run this program you will need to install Java version 8 or later. You can get the latest version of Java for desktop here.

Once you have installed Java and downloaded the CCCreator package, simply unzip the downloaded file to any folder (e.g. the desktop folder), and single- or double-click the resulting JAR file to launch the program.

Known Issues / Unfinished Features

  • Exporting data:
    • Compatibility testing is not yet enabled, so the editor will simply open the file and start exporting, stopping with an error and deleting the incomplete file if it encounters data not supported by the chosen format.
      (This is not an issue when saving to the CCS format, which supports all Chip's Challenge data)
    • Exporting a level image to a JPEG file produces severely messed-up graphics, possibly due to the automatically-selected compression quality being too low
  • Editing options:
    • Cut/copy/paste is a little tricky: it follows whichever UI element currently has focus, and it can be difficult to put the focus on the right element. In general clicking on e.g. the level selector or the map editor should enable you to copy from/paste to that element
    • Compatibility testing is not yet enabled, which means there's no way to tell when a specific edit may be incompatible with a specific ruleset
  • Music options: Will eventually support predefined paths and track names
  • UI:
    • Using placeholder icons
    • The editor panels in the User Data and Entity dialogs need prettier layouts
    • Ctrl+Mouse Wheel zoom does not work when the cursor is inside the map editor but outside the actual map area
    • MacOS using Ctrl+ keybinds instead of Cmd+
  • Status bar: Does not currently show descriptions for UI elements in dialogs
  • Help documentation: The documentation has not yet been written. Feel free to contact the author with any questions!